The Marketplace is a collection of the best, most up-to-date retail and skills development training from world-class experts and made available here in Myagi.

You’ll want to navigate to the content discovery area, by selecting Content and then Discover Content

On the left hand side is a selection entitled Marketplace

From here you can see the full collection of content available on the marketplace

As a company admin, you have the exclusive ability to try out any course for free! No taster sessions here, the whole course- so you really can try before you buy.

To start a trial of the content, find the content and select Learn More

This will open a pop-up providing more details about how the course is structured and what you and your staff can expect to learn. There is often an introductory video here that will explain more about the course.

If you scroll down to the bottom there is an option to Start trial

Selecting this will allow you to take the course in its entirety, to help you determine if it’s the right course for your staff

The trial lasts for 2 weeks from when you click this selection. At any time you have the option to buy licences for yourself and your staff to take this content.

After two weeks, the trail will end.  You’ll be able to purchase the course from the same course page in the marketplace - contact our live support chat with any questions you have

What is a Licence? And how many do I need?

Each licence grants a single user, enrollment on a course for one year.

Licences sit in your account until they are used - no need to worry about them expiring before their activation.

To activate a license, simply enroll a member of staff on the course.  At which point the one year validity begins.

To purchase licenses, go to Content > External Channels and find the Channel of the marketplace course you want to purchase.

OR you can visit the Marketplace to find the course you want.

Then select the Licences tab

From here you select Purchase Licences. This brings presents an order calculator where you type in the number of licences you want, and a price will be provided

Selecting next will begin the payment process; you’ll be sent an invoice via email and upon completing payment your licenses will be delivered to you

You can then assign these licenses directly to your users using the Enroll users selection

If you have any further questions about any aspect of how the Marketplace works, please send us a message on the live chat

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