Your company and team rank is displayed in handful of places across Myagi. For example, you can see your company rank on the home page:

Your rank is calculated according to your 'Training Score', which is the sum of all unique questions you have answered correctly. To increase your training score, simply answer more questions within Myagi correctly. Visit the 'Leaderboards' page to see how other users within your company are ranked. From the 'Leaderboards' page, you can see your training score for all time, for the past month (i.e. past 30 days) and for the past week. The monthly and weekly training score values only take into account the number of unique questions you have answered correctly in those periods.

Importantly, we default to displaying your rank for the past month, as opposed to your rank for all time. This is to make sure that new users have a chance to be ranked highly, and to encourage all users to continually be taking new lessons within Myagi.

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