Lessons are the core training material hosted by Myagi.

Lessons sit within Plans and normally consist of a piece of short, sharp learning content accompanied by a one or more multiple choice questions.

The content that can be included in lessons are:

  • Videos

  • PDF Documents

  • Web Pages

  • Text Documents

These are normally short and concise, explaining a few points the creator wants the intended audience to learn. An example would be a video explaining 3 key benefits of a particular running trainer variant and the 3 key benefits of that runner for the retail sales associates to know

PDF Documents
These are an easy to produce format best used to supplement more interactive learning. Uploading pages-upon-pages of product information is not advised!

Web Pages/Web Snippets
Web Pages are a flexible and powerful type of content that can be added to lessons in Myagi. Many different forms of external web content can be used either alone or to supplement questions, videos and even other Web Pages. For an in depth look at their use cases and how to integrate them click here

Text Documents
Create a text document right on the Myagi website. This is a quick and easy way to describe a product or an in-store procedure.

Questions are uploaded from the same toolbar but serve a separate purpose. They are intended to test whomever takes the Lesson on what they should have learned.

In Myagi, all questions are in a multiple choice format. When writing questions, keep them short and make sure whoever answers them can relate directly to the content viewed as part of the Lesson.

Lesson Analytics and More

As an admin, you are able to see some data specific to the each Lesson. This appears to the right of the main Lesson image (or image place holder if your lesson doesn't have an image yet) and lists the number of users subscribed to that Lesson, along with the Like Rating and Learn Rating.

To the right of this in a separate column is information explaining whether your Lesson is published, and Enrollment selections. Read more about Enrollment here.

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