Lessons can only exist within a new or existing Plan. Click here to find out how to create and edit Plans.

To create a new lesson you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. Select Content, then navigate to Plans. This will bring you to Your Plans

Step 2. Either Create a new Plan or select an existing plan to add a Lesson to

Step 3. Once a plan has been created/selected, click to go into it and then select Add Lesson

Step 4. This will bring up the option to Create a New Lesson as well as Add an Existing Lesson to a plan

Step 5. Select Create a New Lesson, this will present the option to Name your lesson

Step 6. This will take you to the Lesson creation page. Here you can select which learning content you wish create/upload/link a Question, Video, PDF, Text Document and Web Page
A full explanation of these formats can be found here

Step 7. You can upload as much content as you wish to a single lesson, although we'd recommend keeping it concise. You can use the Reorder button to drag the content and questions into whatever order you desire.

Step 8. Once your Lesson is completed it will save automatically. To ensure people can connect to it make sure the Plan it belongs to is Published.

Question Specific Tips

When writing questions you place the correct answer in the first box, with incorrect answers placed into boxes beneath. The actual order these Questions appear in when accessed will be randomized.

It's best to only place 3-4 questions as part of a lesson. This ensures your content is not too long, it helps to keep the person taking the Lesson to stay engaged, and it gives a sense of achievement sooner.

Each Question should only have 3-4 potential answers, striking the balance between too few to be a challenge, and so many that the learner is discouraged from progressing!

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