Public Channels are a great way to expand your Brands reach on myagi.
They work just like normal Channels, but any user on myagi can see them in the Discovery Zone.

Seeing your public channel will encourage retailers to request a connection with you, increasing the amount of sales associates you can provide training on your products

Creating a Public Channel

The process for making a Public Channel starts the same as any other channel;

Step 1. Navigate to the Content Tab

Step 2. Select channels

Step 3. Either create a new Channel or select an existing Channel

Step 4. Once selected, change the accessibility settings from the control panel as shown here, and switch from Private/Request to Access to Public

What should I upload to my Public Channel?
A Public Channel is a great place to share content that introduces your Brand to retailers and users who are not yet connected.
We'd advise putting a sample of your best stuff; this could be a piece on your Brands history/heritage, or maybe an introductory video to a product range that you think showcases your learning material really well

How will people see my Public Channel?
Your Public Channel will be visible to myagi users through the Discovery Zone
Here we use a clever algorithm to connect users to Channels most relevant to them
There's also a search panel to help users find specific brands they have an interest in checking out

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