As a brand producing training material for retailers to be connected to, the most useful data tab is Content Performance. Which starts with the most useful graph on the entire platform for a Brand!

Number of users engaged/Lesson Attempts/New Lessons added

This dataset clearly shows how the employees of retailers you’re connected to are interacting with your content. You will likely see a spike in users engaging with your content when it’s first uploaded.  

Why is the useful?

It demonstrates the importance of good Cadence – the regular drip feeding of content. If all of your content is uploaded and released at once, you will witness a spike in engagement, but that may taper off! Myagi works best with content uploaded regularly to keep users engaged and constantly reminded about your brand's products.

Connected Company Engagement for the Past month

This data set tells you the engagement level in the companies you’re connected to. Engagement is measured through interaction with your training content.

Why is this useful?

The aim of course is to get to 100%! But it’s more important to look at how the data changes each month. Declining engagement from a connected retailer could mean you have less content those users feel is relevant to them, or that it would be a good time to upload content.

Below this are a series of Leaderboards and scores that show how you’re doing among your competitors, and the quality of the content you’re uploading.

Your Content Quality Score is calculated by combining Like and Learn ratings. The maximum score you can achieve is 10 – anything above 8 is pretty good, anything below suggests some room for improvement! Your content quality rank is based on your content quality score.

Your Engagement Score is determined by how many lesson attempts have occurred across all of your Channels, and in turn determines your engagement rank.

Channel Ratings

Channel ratings are based on the Like and Learn ratings your content has achieved within each of those channels. Hovering over the graph will give you the exact rating.

Why is this useful?

By providing insight into which channels are doing better, you can discover what training is most relevant to your retailers. This gives you the opportunity to better tailor content to each one, making better informed and more confident sales assistants who can sell your products better!

The final data located here is the qualitative Lesson Feedback. This is a collection of all the comments left at the conclusion of a Lesson alongside the like and learn rating those users left. 

Why is this useful?

The information is anonymous and quite a useful way to discover where you’re going right (and sometimes wrong!). Myagi users are quite good at pointing out overlooked mistakes on content uploaded, so its worth checking through this feedback regularly. The actual users leaving feedback is left anonymous to encourage the Sales Assistants to engage. However, you are shown the company they work for, the lesson the feedback was left on, and the date the comment was posted.

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