Sharelinks are personalized links that you can provide to someone outside of your organization or company to give them access to your content.

Essentially, it is an invite to sign up and be able to consume the content in Channels that you choose the Sharelink to connect to

The invited person will be directed to a page complete with a scrolling preview of the content you've connected them to. 

If they don't already have a Myagi account, then will be prompted to sign up. The sign up page will ask them to join an existing retailer, or if they're a brand new retailer being introduced to the platform, enable them to create their own retailer account.

Once signed up they will be able to immediately start consuming the content you connect them to.

Sharelinks are a great tool to give your Sales Reps when they're out in the field. They can print the links on business cards and sign up new users as part of the sales training process. This is a great way to get your online learning content and your in person retail training working together.

  1. Select the Content tab at the top of the main or home page.

  2. Select the Channel Sharing tab

 On the right you have the Company Connections Manager, and on the Left the Sharelinks Manager

  1. Select the orange 'Create Sharelink' button at the top right.

  2.  The Sharelink creator will pop up

  3.  Personalize you Sharelink by typing into the entry field. This will add to the default address

  4. Click the slider to turn on the channels that you will allow the invitee to have access to:  

  5. Scroll down and find the create link selection, to complete the process.

  6. You can now share this link with whomever you wish to invite to the Myagi platform to view the content that you've selected.

You can also edit and delete Sharelinks at any time from the Sharelink Manager

 Simply select the options button of the Sharelink you wish to edit/delete. Choosing edit will open the Sharelinks creator.

Deleted Sharelinks cannot be restored.

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