To maximise the chances of your content being interacted with in Myagi, we've introduced a new Announce Plan feature to the content creation area.

To access this feature select Content > Plans and then select the Plan you want to announce to users.

Once selected you'll be able to see a button on the right hand side entitled Announce to Users 💬

Once you've written the post, this will be visible to all users who have access to this content in their Activity Feed

For Retailers, this means all the staff members in your company with access

For Brands, this means the activity feeds of all the companies that Plan is connected to

Top Tips 📢

Good opportunities to announce posts:

  1. When releasing multiple pieces of content over a short period of time, there's always a chance users missed some of it. If you notice some content hasn't had many attempts, why not announce the plan it's in to serve as a helpful nudge

  2. When making a post, try and explain why it's useful for the users to take the content within the post. Explain some of the value up front!

  3. Remember; Announcements aren't just for new content, they can be used on old but relevant content. Think about information that needs to be sent out on a seasonal basis as a reminder that wouldn't need a brand new Plan.

  4. There are no limits to how often you can announce posts, but make sure your users don't become weary from over use. Keep it relevant and informative!

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