Badges are myagi's built in rewards and incentives feature. They are a fun way to congratulate users on successfully  completing your content.

Badges earned are visible in every users personal profile and act as a persistent record of their achievement.

Before you start

  1. Make sure you know what your objective with the badge/badges is - is it to unlock a physical reward, or is it to provide kudos to users?

  2. You'll need a Channel with content to assign Badges to

Creating Badges

Badges can be created by navigating to Content and then selecting the relevant Channel.

All badges are created from within a Channel, and are only relevant to the Channel they've been allocated to. This enables you to run incentives and competitions for specific Channels, regardless of whether they are receiving the same Plans/Lessons.

Once you've selected your Channel, navigate to Details as seen below

From Details you will see an option on the right side of the page allowing you to Add badge

From here you need to give your badge a Name and a Description
what are you rewarding the user for doing? What are the parameters of your competition?

You'll also need to upload an Image to represent your badge.
This tends to be a small, square-ish logo - make it something users would want to proudly display on their profile! 

Now that you've decided how your badge will look, you need to assign content to it

Using the Select Plans drop down menu, you can assign the Plan(s) users will have to Successfully Complete* to receive your badge.

This can be just a single Plan, or it can be a reward for completing a group of Plans

*A successful completion requires users to answer enough questions correctly in a lesson to meet the pass threshold

Reward Details (Optional) 

Below the option to select plans you'll notice a section detailing how to provide rewards and incentives to users who are awarded your badge

This is designed to be flexible, allowing you to include either Discount Codes or direct a user to an external URL which would provide further details about their reward

It's important to note that all these physical rewards are optional - you can still deliver badges to your users without this and we'd encourage that you do - badges should be common part of your content creation process!

Single Discount Code*

If you want to provide a single reward to all users, simply enter the discount code here - make sure you add in the Badge Description where this plan can be redeemed!

*Remember that this code could potential be copied and shared by users so ensure you're ok with the possibility of that happening

Many Unique Codes
If you want to provide a limited amount of codes with your incentive such as to make it a first-come-first-serve, you would select this option. Here you can enter multiple codes separated by a comma. You will be alerted by an email notification when these codes run low.

Badge URL

This will be provided to users upon receiving the Badge and could redirect to an online store where a discount code was redeemable, or redirect to a separate link explaining further information about your incentive

Hit submit and your badge will be completed!

Users completing this content from now on will be awarded the badge

Users can view all badges earned from their Profile Page

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