To access Settings;

Step 1. Click the thumbnail of yourself in the top right corner (this may be just your initials if you've not added a profile picture)

Step 2. Select Settings

Step 3. Here on your personal profile settings page you can make several changes to your:

  • Cover Photo

  • Profile Picture

  • Display name

  • Telephone number

  • Email address

  • Job title

  • The language in which you wish to view the platform

  • Password

See How Do I Edit My Profile? for additional details

The Tab next to the “profile” section will take you to your Company settings. From here you can adjust:

  • Company logo

  • Company Cover Image

  • Several company account settings

The final tab will take you to notification settings. From here you can adjust the type of notifications you receive via email and within Myagi. 

See How Can I Edit The Company Profile? for additional details.

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