Leaderboards enable you to track your progress against other people in your Company/ Teams/ Areas and Groups through your training score - the number of unique questions you have answered correctly. Answer new questions correctly or re-answer old questions you got wrong in order to improve your training score.

To view Leaderboards;

Step 1. On your Myagi Training Screen select Leaderboards in the top right corner

Step 2. Filter between the information you want to see - this could be Company/ Teams/ Areas/Groups

Step 3. Select whether you want to view Leaderboards from All Time, Past Month or Past Week

How are the Leaderboards calculated?

Leaderboards simply display the position of users based on their score. The higher a users score the higher up on whichever leaderboard they may be seen on. A users score comes from how many questions they answer correct on the very first attempt. Every question that is answered correct grants one point. Users are not penalized for answering wrong.

With this points system in place, placing yourself high on the leaderboards becomes a matter of, who paid attention to most in the lesson they were enrolled in.

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