A Plan is a particular area of training that your company wish to educate staff on - how you define this is completely up to you, although we would recommend organizing them by a particular product or product line, or grouping them to pull together a similar set of Lessons (eg. POS Usage, Outerwear Basics)

A Plan may be made up of one or more Lessons, but we recommend keeping your Plans to under 5 Lessons each so that users get a sense of achievement sooner. Users must complete all Lessons in a Plan before that plan is marked as 'complete'.

To learn more about Lessons click here

Plans that are created can be found on your homepage and within the Content tab

As a retailer, you are able to make your own company specific plans, but external plans will be the main form of content your employees have access to.
Here we can see how plans are organized into Your Plans, External Plans and Archived Plans. 

  • Your Plans are those your company has created

  • External Plans are those from other companies that you have access to

  • Archived Plans are only visible to admins, and are pulled from public view either because they are not ready to publish, or the admin deems them no longer required

Once you have created a Plan, you can add Lessons. A Lesson can be a Video, PDF Document or a Web Page, normally followed by 3-4 Questions testing the users knowledge on the content they've just viewed. 

Myagi's best practices on content creation can be found here

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