To view Analytics;

Step 1. On your Myagi Training Screen select the Analytics Tab

You have the option to view the following Analytics;

i. Reports - subdivided into Company Activity and Content Performance 

ii. Attempts - by date range and by Group


Company Activity gives an overview of how much training is being done by members of your company

All figures only include training data for users within your company, so do not include data for other companies your content may be connected to

The data is presented in a series of graphs. You can access datasets including:

  • Active users VS new lessons over time

  • Lesson attempts in your company over time

  • Platform usage

  • Average user progress

  • Team activity over the past month

  • Active users in your company

  • Lesson Attempts in your company over the past 30 days

Company Performance gives an overview of how much of your content is being consumed, how many people it is reaching and how much people like it

All figures include consumption of your content across all users who have access to it, not just those within your company

The data is presented in a series of graphs. You can access datasets including:

  • Actively engaged users/Lesson Attempts/New Lessons over time

  • Connected company engagement for the past month

  • Engagement score

  • Content quality score

  • Average Like & Learn ratings

There are also leaderboards that show your content rank among brands also connected to the same retailers

Scrolling down to the bottom provides Lesson feedback you’ve received in the form of comments. 


Attempts gives an overview of the number of attempts members of your company have made

You can filter by date range by selecting the date tab

You can Group by Channel, Company, Lesson, Plan, User, Team, Area, Group, Company & Plan, User & Plan, User & Team and Company, Team & Plan


Within Company Activity, Company Performance and Attempts, there’s the option to export data in CSV format. This allows you to easily add the analytics data you want from Myagi to Excel and Google Sheets - helpful when measuring the success you’ve had on Myagi at a company level!

Selecting Export as CSV will email the data to you as an attachment

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