Channels are the way that Brands and Retailers are able to share content.

Brands that want to invite Retailers to access their content do so by inviting them to subscribe. They can invite Retailers to subscribe who are already existing users of Myagi, as well as inviting new companies to join the platform. Companies which subscribe will be able to view training plans associated with this channel.

Step 1. On your Myagi Training Screen select Content

Step 2. Select Channels

Step 3. Select the Channel you wish to share with Retailers

Step 4. Select Connections - here you will see a list of Companies that are already subscribed to this Channel

Step 5. Select Invite Companies to Connect in the top right corner

Step 6. If the Company is an existing user of Myagi search for them

Step 7. You can use the "+" to invite multiple companies to connect

Step 8. Once you've finished adding companies, select Invite to complete the invitation to connect

If the Company you wish to access your content does not currently use Myagi you can create a Sharelink which can then be shared with them by email or another method of your choosing

For Retailers to accept connections from Brands;

Step 1. On your Myagi Training Screen select Content

Step 2. Select the Channels tab

Step 3. Select the Requests tab

Step 4. You will see a list of all pending requests

Step 5. Accept the relevant requests - Brands will be notified once you have accepted their request

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