If you are a retailer looking to use the platform to train your store associates, or a brand looking to educate stores about your products, Myagi is the perfect platform for you. Myagi is Invite-only, but once you've been invited (from an existing company who uses it) you can access Myagi for free as a retailer. Take a quick tour by requesting a demo if you're not quite sure if it's for you.

Signing up is quick and simple:

1. Access the signup page through your invite link (talk to your Myagi-using brands/retailers about getting one)

2. Provide your full name, enter the email address you wish to use and create a password.

3. Enter the name of your company and your company website.

4. Next, you'll select the tags and brands that you associate with your store or with your brand. These key words are the way in which persons can search for you to request access to your training content.

5. There are many brands and vendors that currently have content available on Myagi. Here you can choose to follow many of them to automatically request access to the training content they have on the Myagi platform.

6. This completes your registration! Once you click the green 'Finished Selecting' button at the top right, you'll arrive at you personal Home Page. You're ready to start customizing and adding training material.

For retailers signing up with more than 15 stores, please visit myagi.com and request a demo for the most personalized way to understand how Myagi solves your retail collaboration problems.

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