In addition to using Myagi to train your Sales Associates by connecting to relevant Brands content, we also highly encourage you to use it as the platform in which you carry out internal training

Follow the guidelines on how to create Training Plans and Modules from the help desk - get in touch with your Account Manager if you need any help

We would recommend structuring your training content in the following way to ensure that sales associates get the most out of it.

Each plan should ideally consist of 5 modules which sales associates would need to complete to complete the plan.

Below is an example format of how you may wish to structure your plan.

Research has shown that video's are the most effective type of media to use for engagement with Sales Associates . The optimum video length for knowledge retention is 1 - 2 minutes.


Plan 1, General store information

  • Health and safety
  • First day checklist
  • Fire info

Plan 2, News and information (section like this can be used as a store messageboard, reguarly updated, use/like a private facebook page)

  • New brands being stocked
  • Company news
  • New offers instore

 Plan 3, Retailer info

  • Interviews with sponsored athletes
  • Interviews with managers
  • Retailer history 1
  • Retailer history 2
  • Retailer goals/mission statement

Plan 4, Sales training

  • Selling customers an experience
  • Storyselling
  • Retail 101
  • Management
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