We would recommend structuring your training content in the following way to ensure that sales associates get the most out of it.

Each plan should ideally consist of 4/5 Lessons which sales associates would need to complete in order to complete the Plan.

Below is an example format of how you may wish to structure your plans

Plan 1. Brand History/Heritage

  • History part 1
  • History part 2
  • Brand mission/goals
  • The brand today

Plan 2. Running Shoes

  • Running shoe variant 1
  • Running shoe variant 2
  • Running shoe variant 3
  • Why this brand deliver such good Running shoes

Plan 3, Cycle Helmet

  • Cycle helmet variant 1
  • Cycle helmet variant 2
  • Science behind these cycle helmets
  • Benefits of this brands cycle helmets

Research has shown that video's are the most effective type of media to use for engagement with Sales Associates . The optimum video length for knowledge retention is 1 - 2 minutes

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