Different screen sizes will result in a variety of image sizes.

If your image ratios are not exactly the same as what we’ve recommended, we will crop the images into these ratios for you.

JPG and PNG image types works best.

Channel Banners

Desktop: the width of the banner shrinks or widens depending on the width of your screen, the height stays the same. We recommend uploading 3840 x 800px.

Mobile: the image will be cropped to a ratio of 1.43:1.


Desktop: we recommend uploading 640 x 372px, the ratio is 1:0.58.

Mobile: the image will be cropped to a ratio of 3.15:1.


Desktop: we recommend uploading 440 x 248px, the ratio is 1:0.56.

Mobile: there are no lesson images.


Desktop: we recommend uploading 220 x 220px, the ratio is 1:1.

Mobile: the ratio stays the same.


Desktop: we recommend uploading 610 x 864px, the ratio is 0.7:1.

Mobile: the ratio stays the same.

Desktop: we recommend uploading 300 x 300px, a 1:1 ratio so your logo stands out more. Other ratios will also work.

Mobile: the ratio stays the same.


There is no single preferred choice for PDF sizes as there are a variety of screen sizes.

Portrait or Landscape?

Both portrait and landscape PDFs work on our platform, however users naturally hold their phones in ‘portrait view’ so portrait PDFs will require less zooming than landscape PDFs on mobile.

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