Web Snippets are an incredibly powerful new content format from Myagi. Web Snippets allow you to embed a wide variety of your favorite content sources from around the internet into Myagi lessons.

Additionally, you can now create your own content on any of these platforms and import it into Myagi lessons.

For example, you might like this podcast on "Consumer Psychology and Sales", found at this link:


Then, there was that great blog post on the topic you saw a couple of weeks ago that you'd also like to include in a lesson:


You might also want to supplement this podcast with your own audio / podcast based on your own experiences. You can now also use Soundcloud to host this podcast and include it in a Myagi lesson using the "share link" provide by Soundcloud

All you have to do is drop the URL of the resource you want to embed by clicking "Web Snippet" when creating a new lesson.

So now in a matter of minutes, you've created a brand new plan on sales psychology with a combination of your own original resources, plus expert content from around the web.

Now, you can curate your favorite resources from anywhere on the web and remix them into amazing lessons and plans.

Whilst web snippets can accommodate web pages from almost any source, some of the most popular supported formats and content sources you might want to use include:

Slideshare (Presentations): https://www.slideshare.net/
Soundcloud (Audio): https://soundcloud.com/
Medium (Blogs): https://medium.com/
Prezi (Interactive Presentations): https://prezi.com/
Wikipedia (Reference): https://en.wikipedia.org/
Imgur (Images): http://imgur.com/
Chartblocks (Graphs & Charts): http://www.chartblocks.com/en/

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