To create a Plan:

Step 1. Select 'Content' from the top navigation bar.

Step 2. Click the 'Create Plan' button on the upper right corner of your screen.

Step 3. Give your Plan a name - this could be a description of the product(s) included in the plan

Step 4. Give your Plan a description - this could be an overview of what the Plan contains

Step 5. Add existing lessons to your plan or create a new one by clicking the "Add Lesson" button.

Step 6. Select a Channel (optional)

Step 7. Select whether you wish to publish your plan yet - if the plan is not published, only company admins will be able to view it (you can change this later on)

Step 8. Give your Plan a custom thumbnail by clicking on the placeholder image next to the plan name (optional) - this could be a picture of the product(s) included in the plan.

Step 9. Enroll users in your plan. You can choose to automatically enroll all of your users, or enroll by team, group, or individual.

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