Badges can be added to a test plan and earned by an associate that completes the requirements that have been set. The badge will be displayed on that associates main page. The creator of the badge can attach discount codes that will give associates a bit more incentive to complete the test plan.

To create a Badge;

Step 1. On your Myagi Training Screen select Content

Step 2. select Channels

Step 3. Select the Channel you wish to create a Badge for

Step 4. Select Create Badge in the top right corner

Step 5. Give your Badge a name - this could be a description of the Channel it is associated to

Step 6. Give your Badge a description - this could be a description of what you need to do in order to receive the Badge

Step 7. Add a photo - this could be related to the Badge

Step 8. At this point you can also integrate a discount code or other offer within the Badge 

Step 9. Assign Plan(s) a user would need to complete to receive the badge

Step 9. Select Submit to save and continue

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