Myagi is invite only but there are several ways you can gain access

I work for a retailer who already uses Myagi for training

  • Perfect! Simply ask your manager to invite you to your company's Myagi account (psst! if you are a manager, check out this guide to find out how)

  • Our Community Team can help you gain access if you let us know the company you work for and the location

A brand representative let me know that I could use Myagi to access their content, competitions and announcements

  • The brand rep should be able to give you a Sharelink (or a QR code) that will look something like this

  • If you follow that link you'll be asked for a few details to create a personal account and join/create your company's Myagi

  • If you're not sure how to get this link reach out to our Community Team for helpĀ 

I don't have an invite but I'm interested in Myagi, how do I gain access?

Chat with our Customer Team right now by clicking here!

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