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How do I invite my Team to Myagi? (Team Managers)
How do I invite my Team to Myagi? (Team Managers)

Create invite emails and generate invite links

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As a Team Manager you can either send an email invite to members of your team or generate a link which you can share through the communication channels you use.

1. Head to Team via the top navigation bar

2. Once inside your Team Page select Invite Users

3. This will open a pop-up from which you can start inviting your team. Once this is open you can decide whether to invite your team Via Email or with a Link

4. When using Email you can choose to type just a single email address at a time or type multiple, ensuring each email is separated by a Comma

5. You can also include a Personal Message this will appear in the email invite as shown below

6. You can also choose to assign the invitee a role.

7. Hit submit and your invite will be on its way!

1. Same process as email, but select Via Link instead

2. Once you hit submit you'll have a link you can share however makes most sense to you - it can also be used by multiple times - a perfect candidate to send round a group chat πŸ“²


How long will it take for my email invites to send?
It should only take a few minutes for it to arrive in their inbox!

Can I invite people from other teams in my company to Myagi this way?
No! This is private to your team - contact your admin/the our Community Team if you know others in your organization who need help signing up.


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