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How Can I Edit The Company Profile?
How Can I Edit The Company Profile?
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To edit a company profile;

Step 1. On your Myagi Training Screen select your Profile thumbnail on the top right hand side (if you've not added a profile image this may be just your initials in a bubble)

Step 2. Select Settings

Step 3. Select the Company tab in the top left corner - you can only do this if you are a Company Admin

Step 4. Here you can add and change the logo and cover image and change several company settings

(See Company Account Settings below)

Step 5. Save and continue

Company Account Settings

The Myagi Administrator for a company will be able to turn on and off certain account specific functions for that company. They are as follows:

Allow users with your company email address to sign up

  • If your company shares a common email domain name those that use this company email address will automatically be added to your company by simply visiting and signing up when this feature is enabled. An invite is not required.

Automatically add plans to auto enroll

  • Enabling this feature will automatically enroll all company users into all published plans including new plans when they become available.

Managers can view all training content

  • Enabling this setting will allow team managers to view all available training content & enroll others in training regardless of their enrollment status.

Users can view 'channel discovery'

  • Turning this feature on will add the 'discover' option to their account allowing them to search for and request new content from the many brands and vendors that have content available on Myagi.

Allow all users to send signup invitations

  • This feature will add the 'Send Invite' button for all company users allowing them to invite fellow associates, brands or vendors to sign up and use the Myagi platform.

Enter your company's email domain(s)

  • This will allow for the automatic enrollment mentioned above for those signing up with the email domains entered here.

Enter your company's web URL

  • This web address will be visible and clickable on the connections cards when you are the recipient of shared content.

Enter your company's Myagi URL

  • This URL will send a user to your company's personalized Myagi log in screen.

Set an access code

  • Here you can designate a code that will be necessary to sign up as a company user on your Myagi platform.

Setting your identifying tags

  • These tags are key words that will allow your company to appear when users are searching for content or for retailers that may carry related products.

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