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Distributing and building your network is key to success on Myagi and sharelinks enable you to share your channels and create a memorable first impression as you welcome new users into your network.

Sharelinks are customizable links that allow you to select and share your channels with retailers, distributors, and people outside of your organization, even if they are not already using Myagi.

People who use your links will immediately have access to the associated channels once they sign up or log in.

Create a Sharelink

Before you create sharelinks you’ll need to have content ready to be shared within your channels.

Sharelinks can be created under Content > Channel Sharing > Sharelinks.

Create a name for your sharelink that allows you easily manage the intended audience.

Select the channels that you would like to include in the sharelink. This allows you to customize the content you share with every link you create.

Sharelink Options

Used by # companies

Provides an overview with a timestamp of the companies that have previously used the sharelink.

Edit sharelink

Update the channels that are included or excluded in your sharelink.

Changes made to the sharelink will not impact the companies that have previously used the link.

Delete sharelink

Deleting sharelinks cannot be undone and will not remove channel access to anyone who previously used the sharelinks.

You can remove access to a channel via the channel itself under the Connected Companies tab.

Sharelink Distribution

We recommend putting together a strategic rollout plan in order to distribute channels across your network.

Consider what works best for your business and how you can get the sharelinks out to the right people.

For example, you can create sharelinks for each sales rep or you may want to create a sharelink for each region or country.

Best Practices

  • Create a strategic rollout plan before creating sharelinks

    • We recommend multiple methods of delivery for successful sharelink distribution.

    • Prepping the target audience before they signup is crucial and you’ll want to consider all options.

    • For example, you could send flyers, newsletters, email campaigns, videos, or simply send reps onsite to engage directly.

  • Take the sharelink and turn it into a QR code to create a simple sign up process.

  • Name the sharelinks after your sales reps

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