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Content - Best Practices
Content - Best Practices

Best practices from the Myagi Network on creating effective and engaging content.

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What makes content successful on Myagi?

Consistency is key.

Create a steady method of content creation and ensure a persistent content release.

We recommend lessons to have a consistent flow that the audience can anticipate.

Recommended Lesson Flow to create consistency

  1. Announce what the audience will learn

  2. Video 2-3 minutes

  3. Flashcards to highlight key messages

  4. Quiz (2-4 questions)

  5. PDFs additional information

5 things to consider before creating video content

  1. Find a studio or quiet place to create.

    It can be tricky to remove background noise and wind during editing. Make sure you have a place that looks and sounds great to film and create your video content.

  2. Let there be light

    Lighting is one of the most important elements of video content. It can make or break the video so be sure to consider how you using different lighting concepts as you create. We recommend illuminating yourself with multiple lights and illuminating the room to remove unnecessary or unwanted shadows.

  3. Consider the editing process

    Even though you can "fix it during editing" you'll want to make sure to reduce the number of things you need to fix later on.

    Always shoot in the highest video quality possible.

    Consider the clothing and the colors that you are wearing. Sometimes clothes can make a lot of noise or just be distracting with a bright color.

    If you make a mistake don't just start from the beginning. Take a moment and pick up where you left off. We recommend always taking a brief moment in between sentences to make the editing process easier.

  4. Presentation and Pronunciation

    It is always tempting to rush through the material on camera. Make sure you slow it down and consider the amount of information that you are providing.

    Emphasize important words or concepts and deliver your presentation with excitement and authentic enthusiasm.

    Check your speaking volume or mic placement as increasing the volume later during editing can distort or reduce the quality of the overall sound.

  5. Myagi Plus

    Myagi Plus is here to help with your content. We provide professional services to help make your vision come to life.

    We offer in-studio or onsite production, editing, voice-over, subtitles, translations, and SCORM creation.

    Click here to learn more or reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss how Myagi Plus can help you create better content quicker.

Tools we recommend

Soapbox (Interactive videos and screen sharing)

Cueprompter (Read a script as you record)

Slideshare (presentations):

Prezi (Interactive Presentations):

Chartblocks (Graphs & Charts):

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