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Create badges and incentives to drive engagement

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Myagi's built-in badge feature provides you with the ability to reward and incentives your audience as they successfully complete your content.

Badges and rewards that have been earned can be found in the personal profile on the mobile app and web browser. For more on where to find badges and rewards check out.

Click here for further details on reviewing your rewards and badges.

Before you Create a Badge

We recommend creating a clear objective for your badge.

Either rewarding the audience with some kind of incentive or simply giving out a badge of honor.

Creating a Badge

Badges are created within a channel.

This enables you to create competitions through your channels and target a specific audience with badges and rewards. You can have multiple badges within the same channel since the badges are earned by successfully completing the plans within the channel.

After you have selected your channel you'll navigate to the details to add a badge.

After you click add badge you'll be able to create and edit your badge.

You can also edit your previous badges by clicking on them.

Badge Image

You can upload your custom image. Make it something cool that your audience will want to display on their profile.

Badge Name & Description

Create the name that you want to be displayed next to the badge and provide a description of what they will earn or how they can earn your badge.

Select Plans

On this page, you'll be able to select the plans that will need to be completed in order to earn the badge.

Discount codes

You can select from single discount code or many unique codes. You can make a first-come-first-serve competition by selecting many unique codes option and then limiting the number of codes that you copy and paste in. Make sure they are separated by a comma and we will automatically email you when the codes are running low.

You can provide a URL where they can go to use the code or send them to a landing page where they receive further detail. Badges should be a normal part of your content creation process and it is important to note that incentives are optional.

If you do not wish to incentivize with a code you can leave these areas blank and allow the badge to simply be a badge of honor.

Hit submit and your badge will be live.

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