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Channels allow you to group content together and share it with your specified audience. When you set up your channel structure you’ll want to think about your audience and how you intend on sharing content with them.

Creating a Channel

Create a name that only you can see for internal management.

Use the displayed as name to give the audience a different name that describes the contents.

Add plans to the channel

Add plans by creating a new plan or add an existing plan to your channel.

Plans within the channel that are not yet published will display with an unpublished tag in the corner.

Editing the Channel

Edit the description and create badges under the details tab within the channel.

Create a description that shares the intention and what you are expecting your audience to learn from the channel.

Make a short introduction video about the channel. Keep it simple and share the description and overall intention. This can be viewed by your network if you select to share with my network in the channel sharing options.

Channel Sharing

A network connection needs to be made in order to share channels with the Myagi accounts of a retailer or distributor.

You can make a connection using sharelinks or send invites through the Network tab. Click here to learn more about network connections.

After the network connection is made the connected retailer or partner will be available under Connected Channels for channel sharing.

Channel Sharing Options

Select the channel and then click Share Channel to view the channel sharing options.

You can decide to share with your entire network or select from a list of connected companies.

Share with my network.

Allows your connections to add the channel to their own content.

Share with specific companies

Allows you to target a specific audience and trigger a notification about new content being added to their library.

Expand your network with Sharelinks

Sharelinks are customizable links that allow you to share your channel with people outside of your organization, even if they are not already using Myagi.

People who follow your links will immediately have access to the selected channels and be connected to your company once they sign up or log in.

You can activate and deactivate these links at any time to control your sharing.

Changes made to the sharelink will not impact the companies that have previously used the link.

Best Practices

  • Create a channel that is shared with your network with basic information about your company and regularly manage the connections to actively share more appropriate channels with your connections requests.

  • Create channels for specific teams, groups, and locations.

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